International sound bridging styles and generations


  • March 22, 2024

    Doors: 7:30 PM / Show: 8:00 PM

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  • March 22, 2024

    Doors: 9:45 PM / Show: 10:00 PM

  • March 23, 2024

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  • March 23, 2024

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In 1980, Loose Ends emerged from the depths of the London soul underground with their single "In the Sky," showcasing a sound so ahead of its time that it remains refreshing and vibrant even in 2016. With a blend of synthesizers, rhythm machines, and influences from the Islands, Loose Ends created a unique groove that traversed the Caribbean Sea and the Milky Way. Their international hits, including "Hanging On A String (Contemplating)," "Choose Me (Rescue Me)," "You Can't Stop The Rain," and more, defined a sophisticated approach to soulful sounds, resonating from the club floor to the Quiet Storm.

Today, original lead vocalist and songwriter Jane Eugene leads the United States-based incarnation of Loose Ends Featuring Jane Eugene, with pride and success. Under Jane's guidance, Loose Ends captivates audiences across various genres, sharing the stage with classic soul legends, contemporary hit-makers, and '80s techno-soul peers alike. Their infectious international sound comfortably bridges styles and generations, connecting the dots to top-shelf Soul music.

Jane Eugene reflects on the band's journey, stating, "Even though we recorded our biggest hits in Philly with producer Nick Martinelli, America never got to see much of us in our '80s heyday because we worked so steadily overseas. Today, there is always a great deal of interest and curiosity when fans see our name on a concert bill. 35 years in and counting, Loose Ends is still in the game and steadily gaining ground."

The band, comprising lead singers Jane Eugene and Jeff Robinson, emcee Toquon Tha MC, Palo Santo, musical director/guitarist Craig T. Cooper, keyboardist Aya Iwata, bassist Keith Eaddy, drummer Ryan Adams, percussionist Leroy "Boogie" Grier, saxophonist John Valentino and support singers Dominique Karan, Curtis Rodgers, and Aston Turner, delivers a tight, punchy, and fully satisfying show. With a stable lineup for the last 24 years. Loose Ends Featuring Jane Eugene, captures the techno essence of their signature sound while infusing live instrumentation with fluidity and excitement.

Although on occasion Jane Eugene does reunite with original member Steve Nichol. Loose Ends featuring Jane Eugene is managed by David Lombard of En Vogue, New Edition, and Johnny Gill renown and is set to conquer the world, with offers pouring in from around the globe.

Jane enthusiastically shares, "Being out there on all those stages, watching audiences react when we drop into one of our hits, has given me and the band new life. When fans come to my show, they will hear the songs the way they remember them, sing along, reminisce, and leave excited with happiness and a blessing in their hearts."

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