Covid Info

We here at Yoshi's are continually dedicated to the safety of our guests and staff during this complicated time. Per the Alameda County Health Department guidelines, masks are now required in the music venue when not actively eating or drinking.

In addition to the county's mask mandate, we have also taken these additional steps to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere while you're with us:

  • Daily temperature checks for staff 
  • Cleaning/sanitation protocols (QR code for drink menus, disposal of paper menus after use, sanitization of hard menus after use)
  • The venue is ventilated with AC during operations
  • Sink sensors, soap sensors, restroom sensors, hand drying sensors have been installed for touchless operation
  • Sani-trees are installed in larger rooms with HEPA filters in staff areas/artist area

Starting Feb 1 

The city of Oakland requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination for entry.

On arrival, please present vaccination proof and ID.

Minors 12-17 are required to show vaccination proof, ID is optional.

Those with doctor-verified medicl exemption and a recent negative Covid-19test (taken within 72 hours) are exempt.


Thank you for your understanding and constant support; with your help, we will get through this together.

 Yoshi's Oakland