Mon June 5, 2023

Part film, part performance, part dialogue and open discussion


Doors: 7:30PM   Show: 8:00PM

“Black Daddy: The Experience”  is an interactive journey. Part film, part performance, part dialogue and open discussion rooted in “Black Daddy: The Movie” the the award-winning film by Damon Jamal Taylor aka “Dame Drummer”. Experience various levels of introspect, healing and great original music as we unpack the real truth behind black men who are dedicated to raising their children and the next wave of black excellence. “Black Daddy:The Experience” can be enjoyed by a wide viewing audience from children to elders and passed down from generation to generation. 

With persistence and diligence Damon Jamal Taylor aka "Dame Drummer" is making his way in the music industry. His musical contributions have reached people all over the world. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and since moving to Oakland, California in 2012 he has toured and worked with a long list of artists including Martin Luther, Marcus Machado, Aisha Fukushima, DâM Funk, Zion-I, Kev Choice, Ryan Nicole, Sol Development, Grand Nationxl, Oakland Symphony, SF Symphony, Grammy Nominated: Los Rakas, Prince protege and Soul-Train Award winner Liv Warfield and 3x Grammy Award winner Fantastic Negrito.

In 2013 Dame released his debut self-produced album “Breathe”. The album takes you through a journey of life, love, pain and victory. In 2019 Dame released his second self-produced full length album entitled "Loveolution" (a love letter to black folks). In June of 2020 Dame released “Aye Yai Yai”, his third self-produced album featuring featuring controversial songs like “Burn It Down” and “Get What You Gave” that provide a super melodic presentation on critical race theory. The album also features the title song which is Dame’s first song after battling deep depression.

In 2023 Dame released his directorial debut titled “Black Daddy: The Movie” as well at the accompanying soundtrack “Black Daddy: The Sound”.  It is a triumphant award-winning Docu-Musical winning over 30 awards world-wide, that provides deep storytelling of the trials, triumph and beauty of black fatherhood in America 

On  February 5th , 2023 at the 65th annual GRAMMY Awards  Dame officially became a “Grammy-Certified producer” for his production work with the GRAMMY Award-Winning Oakland-based group Alphabet Rockers who took home the award for “BEST CHILDREN’S Album. Dame Drummer’s music and storytelling continues to touch people all over the world. 

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