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Fri May 14, 2021

ARIEL MARIN TRIO (free during dinner)

Doors: 5:30PM   Show: 6:00PM

While dining in the restaurant, enjoy the music of:


The Ariel Marin Trio is  an award-winning multi-genre band. With 30 years of combined performance experience. From Fleetwood Mac to Motown, Sade, Top 40, & classics, we play it all!!! Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, R&B, Motown, Gospel, & Jazz, we have you covered!!!

Ariel Marin is a refreshingly eclectic inspirational singer with an angelic voice. Having grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area she was exposed to a melting pot of cultures. As a result, her unique music is heavily influenced by a multitude of styles including folk, rock, r&b, gospel, classical, and pop to name a few. Her mother having been a professional rock singer, Ariel spent much of her childhood around recording artists including the Dinosaurs, Tony Saunders, Arlo Guthrie, and the Grateful Dead. Her original songs come straight from the heart and speak to the depths of the soul.
‚ÄčHer refreshing new music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud, Spotify and all other streaming outlets.