Mon June 26, 2023

Chart-topping contemporary jazz multi-instrumentalist


Doors: 7:30PM   Show: 8:00PM

To live a life of filled with passion and purpose is one of the greatest gifts of all. The wise, young and chart-topping multi-instrumental genius Vincent Ingala seems to have mastered this feat. A Billboard Smooth Jazz Artist Of The Year, Ingala has garnered 18 Top 10 Smooth Jazz radio singles and ten #1 radio hits. “I believe it is our job as musicians to simply make music that people enjoy, and hopefully along the way, bring some happiness and inspiration into their lives,” shares the Prospect, CT native. “That is certainly my hope for when Fire & Desire is heard.” September 17, 2021 Shanachie Entertainment will release the multi-instrumentalist’s third recording for the label and seventh as a leader. The charismatic and handsome Ingala has endeared fans, contemporaries and critics alike with his consummate musicianship, fun-loving stage presence, energized and inspired performances and all-around passion. “My earliest memories are of banging on pots and pans until my parents had to buy me a drum kit and from there it was like a domino effect.” From banging on pots to churning out hits, Ingala is a chameleon in the recording studio. Like an alchemist, he concocts the perfect elixir of his broad musical influences spanning the worlds of Jazz, R&B, Disco, Pop and beyond. On the exhilarating Fire & Desire, Ingala confidently dons multiple hats.   He plays every instrument heard on the new album from saxophones and keyboards to drums, guitar and bass. He also produced, recorded and mixed the album, as well as composed all of the songs with the exception of Jimmy Roach’s “Disco Sax,” recorded in tribute to tenor titan Houston Person. Due to the challenges of the past year, Ingala was able to hone in and devote his undivided attention to Fire & Desire. “If anything, the most positive result of recording during the pandemic was the amount of time I had to dedicate to this project alone without any other distractions that could affect the flow.”

Fire & Desire opens with the multi-layered and soul-drenched original “Shadow Dancer.” The finger-snapping and funky ditty promises a joyous affair ahead and Ingala delivers. “My compositions are a result of the many music influences that have surrounded me since an early age,” shares the saxophonist. As far back as I can trace, I’ve been listening, absorbing, analyzing, recording and replicating music, so I call upon those tools and skills when I compose and record.” The breezy and melodically pleasing “Could This Be Real” follows and the album’s first single “On The Move,” is sure to elevate your mood. The track’s four-on-the-floor’s pulsating groove is reminiscent of the fabled glory days of Studio 54. “This Or That” shines a spotlight on Ingala’s gorgeous tone and effortless phrasing and he pulls out all of the stops for his unforgettable rendition of “Disco Sax,” which has the polish and shimmer of Philly International and the deep groove of Salsoul. The saxophonist shares, "’Disco Sax” was a song that my father played for me many years ago. It was in fact one of the first ever Disco 45’s he bought right before the whole Disco scene really took off - it was still ‘early’ disco. I remember that I couldn’t believe that there was this disco track with a gorgeous and full string/horn arrangement, but with a saxophone on lead at the forefront. And to top it all off, it was sax legend Houston Person who normally is heard in a more traditional/straight ahead setting. So you really don’t expect for it to work, but it DOES - and it’s a great song that makes you smile, dance and feel good!”

On Fire & Desire Vincent Ingala takes us cruising with his rock-steady and smooth sailing “Riding The Wave” and he creates the perfect mood for the scintillating “Hypnotic Flow.” Kicking it up a notch, he shows off his penchant for ear-catching melodies and undeniable swing on the ebullient and delectable “Turkey Strut.” Ingala shifts gears with the ethereal and meditative “Aftermath.” Following a year and a half of changes during the pandemic, Vincent Ingala shares, If Covid has taught me anything, it’s to never take for granted the fact that I get to make music for a living. The sad reality for most human beings is that we never truly realize or appreciate what we have until it’s gone. For most, 2020 was a wake up call to bring attention all the things that we have and are grateful for in our lives. Now that things are slowly returning to normal again, we can resume our lives with a fresh and renewed perspective.”

Fire & Desire closes with the electrifying and high-octane title track, reminding us to keep the fire burning and to rekindle our passions.

For Vincent Ingala music and cooking are both sustenance for the mind, body and soul. “I’m definitely a huge foodie and enjoy going out to eat (something we can finally resume coming out of the pandemic age), but with that I very much enjoy cooking! I cook a lot at home, love trying new recipes out, and I’m not afraid to experiment either. I see so much correlation between cooking and creating music - that must be a reason why I connect to it so well. Ingala was drawn to the saxophone as a kid. He recalls hearing tenor saxophonist Sam Butera on the radio and was instantly taken. “I remember hearing his saxophone solo on ‘Oh Marie’ in the car one day while my cousin was driving us around, and immediately knowing that I wanted to play tenor sax. He is one of the most underrated saxophonists of all time. What inspires me most about his playing is his use of the melody and his phrasing. Coming from a musically rich New Orleans background and playing with Louis Prima taught Sam that it's not necessarily about how many notes you can cram in, or how fast you can play, but rather playing for your audience and giving them a beautiful melody that everyone can relate to.” Ingala has taken lessons from Butera both on and off the stage. He shares,   I have always valued what Sam Butera once said: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” Ingala has lives by this motto.

Vincent Ingala burst on the Contemporary Jazz scene in 2010 with the release of his critically heralded debut North End Soul. Two years later he was crowned Billboard “Smooth Jazz Artist of the Year” and Sirius XM Watercolors “Breakthrough Artist Of The Year” in 2013. Ingala’s sophomore recording, Can’t Stop Now, was released in 2012 and Coast To Coast followed in 2015, featuring two singles that hit #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Chart. Vincent Ingala featured his vocal driven Christmas in 2016, showcasing holiday classics. Ingala is a DJ on Smooth Jazz 24/7 where he can be heard weekly. “It's a completely different dynamic being a radio host because you're now sitting on the other side!,” he exclaims. “You get used to hearing your music being played on the radio, but then suddenly the roles reverse and you're now the one introducing and spinning the songs. I enjoy being a mascot for the genre and supporting the artists, many of them my friends who I have collaborated with or shared the stage with over the years.” In 2018 he made his Shanachie debut with Personal Touch, which featured the #1 hit “Snap, Crackle, Pop.” Ingala’s Echoes Of The Heart followed in 2020 with special guests and Shanachie label mates David Benoit and Steve Oliver. The album featured the Top Five single “Caught Me By Surprise” and the Top Ten single “Maybe You Think.”

With the release of Fire & Desire and the upcoming Dave Koz & Friends Summer Horns and Peter White Christmas tours, Vincent Ingala is excited to reconnect with his fans.” Most of us have had to get creative and use the internet to our advantage to broadcast live streams and artist collaborations. While it was a great way to stay in touch and remain connected with our music family in a time of crisis, it can still never replace the interaction of a live audience and physically being there in person. This time away has given me a greater appreciation for performing and interacting with my colleagues and live audiences. I am ready and can’t wait to be back at it again!”


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