Mon May 22, 2023

Afro-Cuban charanga orchestra


Doors: 7:30PM   Show: 8:00PM

Orquesta La Moderna Tradición plays traditional and modern Cuban music - at once transporting you to an era of sensual danzones and swinging cha-chas and playing modern timba-infused music guaranteed to satisfy dancers from danzón to modern salsa/Cuban music. The Orquesta captures the romance and style of a memorable era in Cuban dance music and will keep everyone on their feet. Violins and flutes weave lilting melodies against the backdrop of driving Afro-Cuban rhythms.

They will be performing with Tregar Otton, Sandy Poindexter and Pablo  Caro on violins, Eduardo Herrera on lead vocals, Maru Pérez-Viana and  Osvaldo Carvajal on coros, Michael Spiro on güiro/batá, Marco Díaz on  piano, Carlitos Medrano on congas, Remi Spiro on timbales, Ayla Dávila  on bass, John Calloway on flute.