R&B singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist


Captial Recording Artist and Multi-instrumentalist O'Bryan got into the business after a friend (who was in the choir he sang in as a young adult in Southern California) married Ron Kersey, who had worked in Philadelphia with groups like the Trammps in the 1970s. Upon her recommendation, Kersey got O'Bryan into a group he was forming.

That quickly fell apart, but Kersey helped the singer connect with Soul Train impresario Don Cornelius, who helped O'Bryan land a deal with Capitol. During the '80s, he cut four albums and nine singles that made the R&B charts. His up-tempo tracks could sound something like a more mainstream Prince, though he tread far closer to the urban contemporary mainstream on his ballads. "The Gigolo" made number five in 1982, and over the next few years he had some up-tempo and ballad follow-ups. "I'm Freaky," which was reminiscent of "Gigolo," was the best of these; "Lovelite" was the most successful. In 2007, he returned with the ballad-heavy F1RST, issued digitally through the Headstorm label with plans for a CD version

His exceptional abilities as both a singer and songwriter have earned him numerous chart-topping albums and songs on the Billboard Charts. Lovelite, I’m Freaky, You and I, and others. Furthermore, his music has been featured in television shows, and films, and has garnered praise from renowned artists such as Babyface Edmonds, Janet Jackson, and the late Michael Jackson. His vocal style lead him to work with numerous greats like Stevie Wonder and others.

What sets an artist apart from others is a combination of distinctive vocal quality, captivating stage presence, a genuine connection with the audience, and lyrics that resonate with listeners. Additionally, an artist's appearance plays a significant role in capturing the attention of their audience. O'Bryan possesses all these qualities, which will undoubtedly leave your audience enamored.

O’Bryan has performed and continues to perform all over the world. From South Africa, to the United States, from Funk Festivals, to R&B Concerts he leaves a lasting impression.