Sun January 28, 2024

A special chemistry of spontaneity and improvisation


Doors: 6:00PM   Show: 6:30PM

Multi-Grammy award winning trumpeter John Daversa, has teamed up with acclaimed jazz pianist Tal Cohen, creating an open vessel of musical imagination and creativity within a modern duo setting. John also chairs Studio Music and Jazz at Frost School of Music, U of Miami.

These two masters of their instruments share a special chemistry of spontaneity and improvisation, diving deep into the realms of possibilities and enchantment within each performance. Their personal and artistic connection allows for a completely new and fresh interpretation of the classic duo format. The music Daversa and Cohen bring to life is accessible while simultaneously exciting the listener’s senses on the highest level, surprising the audience with a broad set of show highlights.

Their keen sense for knowing when to push, lift, and/or embellish and harmonize together, seems to be an instinctual response. Beyond the traditional duo, John and Tal’s modern version also involves the inclusion of electronic elements as well as engaging vocal performances — all of which resulting in a more-than-memorable concert experience for the audience and listener.