Fri May 24, 2024

A tribute one of the world’s greatest rock and pop bands


Doors: 7:30 PM   Show: 8:00 PM

Fleetwood Mask is the only tribute in the Americas endorsed by Fleetwood Mac founding member Mick Fleetwood. “This band does it right. I’m proud to know the music of Fleetwood Mac is in good hands indeed” says Mick in his video endorsements of the group.

Fleetwood Mask was founded over a decade ago to tribute one of the world’s greatest rock and pop bands and has been touring the U.S. every year since. Fans flock to each show because they are yearning for the ultimate in realism, performance, and sound quality.

Fleetwood Mask has gone to unimaginable lengths to ensure each performer uses the correct and exact period-accurate equipment to deliver audiences with the most authentic tribute to Fleetwood Mac in the world. Some of Fleetwood Mask’s stage equipment is equipment that was used by, and toured with, Fleetwood Mac.

Each performers wardrobe is further curated to era-specific specifications and most of the band’s wardrobe is bespoke, hand made by artisans who have studied each era of Fleetwood Mac’s stage wear in order to deliver stunning and detailed accuracy.

This level of execution allows Fleetwood Mask the ability to tribute the three most iconic Fleetwood Mac tours, each one known by Fleetwood Mac fans for having specific equipment, wardrobe, and set lists. Show attendees can expect to see either the Tusk tour 1980, The Mirage tour 1982, The Dance tour 1997, and/or a mix of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Historic Best Of’.

No one leaves a Fleetwood Mask concert without having a fully immersive Fleetwood Mac experience.

An evening with Fleetwood Mask is like no other – two-set audiences are transported into the incredible illusion of attending an actual Fleetwood Mac concert as the band performs both tour-specific and ‘Historic Best Of’ sets providing show attendees a ‘double serving’ of the sights, sounds, and songs of Fleetwood Mac.

As Mick has always loved to quote Shakespeare…”then play on…” Fleetwood Mask is deeply honored to do so keeping access to the Fleetwood Mac live concert experience available to all.