Dynamic singer, songwriter & producer


Celebrity Fit Club (2006), TV One's R&B Divas (2013 and 2014), and ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap (2014). She's appeared in such motion pictures as The Fighting Temptations, Pastor Brown and Ride Along as well as the Broadway production of Chicago.

The release of Angie Stone's new album, Dream, is the culmination of Angie's extraordinary personal and artistic journey. With over 5 million records sold worldwide, three gold albums, several Grammy nominations and numerous other awards, all coming after many disappointments and struggles in the business, Angie Stone stands as a triumphant survivor.

"I am single," Angie says. "I have never done an album where I was single. I do not have a love interest. I don't have anything to pull from anyone who makes me cry, makes me unhappy and makes me laugh. This is the dream album... .someone had to speak my language for me. Walter is the ultimate producer and he had to speak a language that I was able to speak with... .someone who could speak when I was speechless. I am coming back stronger than ever."